This unique 60 minutes "circuit training" class is a high-level beginner class. it allows you to use various pieces of Pilates equipment, including the Chair, Barrel and Trapeze Table, usually reserved for private sessions. A circuit of exercises is set up and participants rotate between exercises. This class will challenge the body in many unique ways not possible on the reformer to help you get even better results from your Pilates practice. 

You should have completed at least 10 Reformer/Tower classes and not have an injury, which significantly inhibits your movements. A good understanding of movement is required, as supervision from the instructor will be limited. 

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Have you heard of organ massage and what it does? Read on to find out how Visceral Manipulation can help enhanced organs mobility and book a session with us now! 


This February marks the celebration of Chinese New Year and in this auspicious occasion, every household will prepare the longevity noodles. Check out the latest recipe here


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