Group Classes

At Focus Pilates we offer a range of group classes so that you can experience a variety of different movements.

Pilates classes are a great way to improve your strength, flexibility and posture. In a group environment Instructors will take you through a series of exercises to work different muscle groups. The classes are usually quite small ranging from six to 13 participants which means you will receive an optimum level of personal attention.


This class is designed so that you can try Pilates on the reformer without signing up for the commitment of a package. In this 45 minute class you will try out a range of beginner exercises to strengthen and tone your muscles and improve your flexibility. If you like the class and want to continue then you can progress to fundamentals. If you already have Pilates experience you may join an existing beginner class and use this as your trial.

Trial classes take place at numerous times during the week at both our Orchard Road and Raffles Place studios.

To find out available trial class times or to make a booking, please contact our studios directly on or 67338785 (Orchard) / 62353938 (Raffles).


The Fundamental programme is conducted in small groups or on a private basis. The fundamental programme will give you the foundation of Pilates principles as well as get you familiar on the reformer so you can make the most out of your beginner classes. The fundamental lasts for three sessions after which you can join any beginners class on the schedule.

Reformer Classes

These classes involve doing exercises on a reformer, a Pilates machine which uses a system of pulleys and springs to help you improve your strength, body alignment, flexibility and posture. Classes are taught in groups of six to ten and range from beginner to intermediate level. If you have no experience on the reformer you will need to attend three fundamental classes or three private one-on-one sessions.

Beginner Reformer

Beginner reformer classes are for people who have just completed their fundamental classes or who already have some experience on the reformer. Your Instructor will deliver exercises while focusing on proper body alignment and technique. Emphasis is given to the principles of Pilates while you master your technique.

Multi-level Reformer

This class helps to bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate reformer classes. This class is perfect for those wishing to start the transition into intermediate classes from the beginner level or those new to intermediate classes. Where possible your Instructor will deliver exercises which can be modified to different fitness levels. We recommend that you complete at least 10 beginner classes before joining this class.

Intermediate Reformer

This reformer class is designed for those who have a high level of body awareness and who have mastered the core principals of Pilates. Emphasis is placed on exercises which continue to challenge your body while you maintain correct technique and body alignment. You should check with your Instructor before progressing to this level.


This class is designed specifically for people with back and neck pain in mind. A Physiotherapist will teach this class and give you specific exercises to assist you in building your core strength in order to support your spine. A strong focus will be on helping you to establish your limits of movement so you can exercises in a safe and effective way. These classes are kept small so you get a high level of supervision, and are an ideal bridge between private physiotherapy and group Pilates classes.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning classes taught at both Beginner and Intermediate levels, and are specially designed and unique sessions incorporating Pilates exercises and challenging suspension training; conducted with the same intense focus on technique and alignment as a regular Pilates class. The Pilates portion of the class features exercises using either tower or reformer equipment, while the suspension training is with TRX.

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Tower classes use half of a trapeze table which has a mat at the base and springs at one end. It allows for a range of mat and prop based exercises including Pilates circle and foam roller as well as trapeze exercises using springs for resistance. Tower classes are a great way to build strength while improving your flexibility and posture. To join this class you must have completed 10 reformer classes. Classes are only available at our Orchard Road studio and are limited to five participants.

Express Classes 

Our Express classes are 45 minutes in length, allowing you to enjoy the same great workout during your lunch break - so you can still have that much needed time-out from the office.

For each Express class that you booked in using your regular package, $10 will be credited back to your Mindbody account for you to use on your next package purchase.*

Mat Classes 

This mat Pilates class will be taught by one of our Polestar qualified Instructors and will guide you through the Pilates routine to help tone and strengthen the muscles. Ideal for those who spend a lot of time at their desks or are looking for an extra challenge.

For each Mat class that you booked in using your regular package, $10 will be credited back to your Mindbody account for you to use on your next package purchase.*

*Terms and conditions : Not applicable on discounted/promotional packages.



This class is perfect for those who need help to alleviate

joint stiffness and muscle tightness. Read on to find out more on the benefits of coming to a Myofascial Release class.


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