At Focus Pilates we have established a unique system to help you not only recover from injury and/or post-surgery but to bring you to a state of fitness where you are fitter and stronger then before your injury.
Most healthcare interventions deal with short-term treatment rather than long-term prevention. Quite often after you have been discharged the underlying muscle imbalance and inadequate movement strategies remain which means you are more susceptible to reoccurring injury.

Stage one - initial rehabilitation with physiotherapy

Physiotherapists use manual physiotherapy treatments such as joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage, electrotherapy and home exercise programmes, as well as an introduction to Pilates exercises on equipment (called Physio-Pilates). This is designed for clients with an acute injury or who are referred by a doctor, surgeon, or other healthcare professional.

Stage two - rehabilitation and conditioning with Physio-Pilates

Physiotherapists use a combination of traditional physiotherapy treatments listed in stage one along with Pilates exercises to improve your strength and flexibility. Physiotherapists identify poor movement strategies and muscle imbalances and work closely with clients on their specific needs. High priority is educating our clients on how to move well and modify their exercise to suit their abilities.

Stage three - fitness conditioning and strength building with Pilates

When you become pain free and have reached an optimum state of health you can move on to either Pilates group classes or private sessions. This will ensure you maintain and improve your strength, flexibility and posture in a safe environment. Our Pilates instructors are highly qualified and are educated in teaching clients with prior injuries. Modification can be made to exercises to ensure people of all levels can benefit from Pilates





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