Do you know that running has a high injury rate reported at between 20 - 80% each year? Our Runity programme is the perfect resource you need to learn how to run more efficiently and pain free! Learn to improve your running technique with our curated modules. 

 Upcoming Course: 

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Singapore 24-26 Apr 2020

Movement Module (12 Hours)
Suitable for any movement or running enthusiast who wishes to learn more about functional movement, movement instructors and physiotherapists that want to learn an extension repertoire of exercises not only for runners but all populations!
Early Bird Fee: USD$349
Usual Fee: USD$399

Content: Running Movement Screening, Movement Approach, Conditioning
Exercises, Plyometrics, Functional Mobility Training

Running Module (8 Hours)

Great for everyone, especially those who like to learn how to analyse their friends and clients' running technique through video analysis and enhanced running drills.
Early Bird Fee: USD$249
Usual Fee: USD$299

Content: Running Video Analysis, Running Re-training, Tempo, Reactivity, Play

Fundamentals Online

This detailed online course covers the theory and scientific aspects of running, and includes lectures on Running Fundamentals, Running Injuries, video and movement assessment. You will also gain access to a library of over 95 Runity running conditioning exercises.
Fee: USD$100 (U.P USD$200)

Painless Runner Course (Movement + Running Module, 20 Hours)

Perfect for those who have the full movement and running experience, and wish to attain the Runity Coach certification upon fulfilment of application criteria. 
Early Bird Fee: USD$499
Usual Fee: USD$549

Terms and Conditions: Polestar Graduates may earn Polestar Continuing Education Credits (CECs) for all Runity modules listed above. CEC are on a request basis only, and must be requested before the commencement of the workshop. 

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