What our Clients Say

Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds including those looking to maintain general fitness, injuries and back problems, to elite sports.
Below you will find a selection of our client testimonies as to what they have achieved through Pilates:


“I was first introduced to Pilates six years ago after a slipped disc. Being a very active person, who was regularly jogging and working out at the gym, I felt so frustrated about being immobilised by the disc injury. I then discovered Pilates, which was the solution to my misery: not only could I continue with exercising, but Pilates strengthened me physically and improved the slipped disc related health problems.

I enjoyed it so much that I continued. I have greater strength and flexibility than ever before as well as a much better posture, strong stomach and back muscles, which support my spine.

Being an advanced practitioner of Pilates, I greatly appreciate the excellent instructors at Focus Pilates. As Pilates is still a growing field, it is not easy to find competent instructors, especially for advanced levels. At Focus Pilates I can trust that the instructors are well trained and stay updated with new developments. The professionalism, enthusiasm and competence of the team at Focus Pilates make it high quality Pilates studio, managed with integrity and care.”

Maria Amerstorfer
Professional Coach & HRD Consultant


“Pilates has been the perfect antidote to all the minor injuries and imbalances picked up from years of running. It has improved my strength and stability and helped me to be kinder to my body when I run. Most importantly though, regular Pilates has just seen me through my pregnancy, maintaining my posture, mobility and flexibility right up to the 40th week.”

Donna Titley
English Teacher


“I have a much stronger core now and I have learned to support my lower back better and interpret what is happening to it. That has helped me to treat it the right way in my own time also. Although my lower back pain is still there occasionally, I have made enormous progress and continue to do so. I have managed to avoid surgery, as I now know what to do with my back.”



“We originally joined Focus Pilates with an open mind and a few aching body parts. The instructors carefully trained us up and within a matter of weeks we felt a noticeable difference in our strength, stamina and flexibility. Little did we know just how beneficial Pilates could be for us. Over time, we have moved up through the different class levels and have gotten to know the Focus Pilates team pretty well. If you are looking for a place to expand your mind and work out your body like you've never done before, we would invite you to come along for a session or two

Daphne and Mathieu
Architect & Financial Analyst


“Everyone is so friendly! From the moment I step into Focus Pilates, I feel welcomed and that is so important especially when I attend classes alone. I have been to four other Pilates places and none of them gave me the feeling of friendliness and professionalism that Focus did.”



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